Uniontown Map

Map of Uniontown, Pullman and Lewiston

Uniontown, Washington is located in the southeast corner of Washington in the heart of the Palouse. The town is located within easy access to urban amenities in Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID or Clarkson, WA and Lewiston, ID. Click here for a PDF version of this map.

The following is a list of distances to various locations from Uniontown:

Lewiston, ID: 14 miles.

Clarkston, WA: 16 miles.

Pullman, WA: 15 miles.

Moscow, ID: 16 miles.

Spokane, WA: 91 miles.

Coeur D'Alene, ID: 101 miles.

Seattle, WA: 300 miles

Lewiston Airport: 17 miles

Pullman-Moscow Airport: 21 miles.

Spokane Intl Airport: 93 miles